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Keystore password android create change | android developer

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Keystore for android app

Keystore for android app : In this session we are discussed about keystore file. If you are an android developer need to keystores for your android apps. So today I brings for you many question's answer about Keystore. For more information about this topic visit our youtube channel. Click Here to visit Online tech support youtube channel.

What is the use of Keystore ?

      The keystore is a one type of certificate which helps to publishing applications on google play store or other stores. If you are developing android applications for Google play console, you have to create  SHA1 certificate for your application. And the SHA1 certificate is available in a keystore

     When you are going to publish a android app in the Google play console, before publishing you have to attach a keystore with your android app. If you are building android applications with android studio, you have proper knowledge about this.

     If you are building applications with open source platform like Kodular, Thunkable, Casagbic and other platform, their you can get free created default keystore and SHA1 certificate according to your gmail account. So let's go to know how to keystore download.

    First of all create a account with any builder. I am explaining with Kodular platform. There are so many videos available in the youtube how to make a account with kodular? and the sing up system is very easy. You can make a account in between 2 minutes. When you made a account with kodular, just open the creator page. After open the kodular creator page click on the 'Account' option next click on the 'Setting' option  See the given picture below.
keystore for android app

        When you click on the Setting, a popup screen will be open as above image. Then you can see your keystore for android app in the keystore section. Next click on the "Export keystpre" option to download the key store. This keystore file is very small size around 3kb.

       After download the keystore, open it in the Keystore explorer application. Keystore explorer application is a best app for modify and create a new keystore for android app. This application is available for all operating system like keystore windows, keystore for mac, keystore linux.

Keystore explorer tutorial :

   First of all download this application in your computer or laptop. Then install it. After installation open the application and press 'Ctrl+O' for open a file. Then choose your downloaded keystore file from the file manager.

   Here some of peoples are facing issue for open details of keystore because have to enter password. If you have not knowledge about it and entering the wrong then " Keystore was tampered with or password was incorrect " error will be show. So you have to enter correct password for open keystore in the app.

How to get password for keystore?

     Just type 'android' in small letter in the password box. For default any keystore's password is android type it in small letter.

keystore password android

    When you type password click enter or OK to open the keystore's details. After open the keystore's details, you can reset password, create .pem file, see SHA1 certificate, and type of file and other functions.

What does a keystore contain? 

     The keystore contains SHA1 certificate fingerprint, type of keystore format, reset password, .pem file convert and other functions.

    The .pem file is necessary for change keystore in google play console. If your keystore is lost and you want to upload a new kaystore in Google play console, then first of all you have to send .pem file to Play console support team. How you  can do it? all procedures are explained in a video on our youtube channel. Please visit to our youtube channel for more details.

What are the different keystore types?

     There are seven types of keystore file available. Such as JKS, JCEKS, PKCS#12, BKS-V1, BKS, BCFKS, UBER. But the general purposes we are using the JKS android keystore file in the application. 
   You can change your keystore file type according to your requirement. How to find keystore file type in the keystore explorer application. See the below image.
android keystore file

How to change Keystore password?

  It is a very easy step to reset password for any keystore. After open the keystore click on the "Tools" option next click on the "Set keystore password" option or press the " Ctrl+P " button. When you click on it, a popup dialogue box will be open. Next type password and re-enter password. Then click on "ok" button.

How to find SHA1 certificate form keystore?

      After open the keystore, double click on the "android key". When you click on it SHA1 certificate will be open. See bellow image to more details.

Keystore password
    If you want to .pem file for your google play console account, then click on the"PEM" option and click on the "Export" option. When it exported it will download to your file manager. Then you have to send this file to play console support team to change keystore. For more information visit our youtube channel and watch full video. Here you can also see you SHA1 fingerprint.

    If you are building applications with Android studio and lost your created keystore, simply follow above tips to generate a new default keystore for android app. After getting keystore then you can customize. After customized your keystore then click " Ctrl+S " or choose " Save " option to save keystore.

Download the Keystore explorer application. Click Here to download

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