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Free professional HD wallpaper application AIA file for Kodular

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Wallpaper application overview 

Wallpaper application

         Wallpaper application : Before the open this project AIA, first of all i am introducing about this professional HD wallpaper application. How it works? For more information watch this video from our youtube channel.

       When you are opened this HD wallpaper application, there are two category will be shows on first screen. When you click on any category, images will be shows. We are used only 8 images in this app because it is demo app. When you scroll up other images will be show but you have to add images in Airtable. 

     When you click on the any image, there are three button will be show. One is download button, second is set wallpaper button and third is share image button. Then you can choose any option according to your wish (Download, Set wallpaper and share). After download complete Admob interstitial ad will be show on the screen. Side menu layout added in this application and Share app, Privacy policy, About app, close app option are available. You can download similar  application from play store and check it

How to make a wallpaper app android ?

     Follow all steps which is we are discussing bellow. I personally used kodular platform for app development. Here you can make applications without coding knowledge. The drag and drop facility available in this platform. If you have not knowledge about this platforms, then visit our youtube channel. Application development all problem solution videos available in our channel. So visit Online tech support youtube channel.
     If you want to download our HD wallpaper application AIA file, then go to the bellow of the page and click on the "Download button" to download. We shared totally free image app kodular projects AIA and AIS file in this page.

About this kodular AIA file :

     I made this HD wallpaper application AIA file in kodular app development platform. I used recycle photo viewer paid extension, airtable, firebase storage main components for showing images. But you can use cloudinary database instead firebase storage.

Components used in wallpaper application project :

  1. Recycle photo viewer extension
  2. Airtable spread sheet
  3. Firebase or Cloudinary DB
  4. Costume downloading extension
  5. Sharing component
  6. Notifier component
  7. Activity starter
  8. Buttons
  9. Labels
  10. Image component
  11. Wallpaper component
  12. Sidebar menu etc.
     Recycle photo viewer extension is a paid extension and implement it in this project with Kodular platform. But we are providing this extension for free forever. So subscribe our website and youtube channel. All are ready in this project.

How to Modify wallpaper application AIA file?

     First of all download the AIA file. Next Import it in the kodular. After imported AIA file, you have to upload keystore (SHA1 certificate), new copyright free images, app name and package name.

    If you don't have keystore, modify your project according to your requirement. A default keystore will be automatically generated. For more information visit our website how to generate a new Keystore for your app.

     Next change images, icon, Photos, Admob ad unit id from the AIA file. Next Change " API Key " " Base ID " " Table Name " form the air table component in screen 1 and screen 2 (hd screen). Keep in mind "Table name" and "Column name"should be correct in both project and airtable account.
wallpaper application

       I used two airtable component in the project. For each screen used one airtable component. The first screen is for "shayari photo category" and the 2nd is for "HD photo category". 
wallpaper application aia

        I used Recycle photo viewer extension in this project for loading photos very first. I provide this extension for free to all developer and implemented it in blog part. So you need to do subscribe us.
       There are more features available in this project so download the aia file and and import it in kodular. Then try to understand the coding. If any doubt please comment in comment box otherwise my whatsapp no is available in comment section you can contact with me.

     After export this application you can able to publish in Google play console. If you don't have play console account, you can publish it in other app store. Before you publish other app store please request approval for showing ads in your app to kodular. Click here to more details Admob approval system

How to add more photos in App?

          We used only four or more photos for demo app. But for a professional app you have to upload more images to Clodinary storage or Firebase or other storage. After uploaded the images, put the images ling in the Airtable database. 

       Then go to the Kodular > Designer part >Properties of Recycle photo viewer  component (Extension). Next set "Load max"- No. of maximum photos do you want to shows on app. Next " Start load"- No. of loading photos when app open. Next "Load more"- No. of loading photos after start load. See below image to more details.
free aia file for kodular

How to Download this AIA file ?

        Click bellow "DOWNLOAD" button to download the aia file. When you click on it, a link shortner page will be opened. Then click on the verify button. Next select the captcha and scroll the page and click continue button. Then wait 15 seconds and click get link button to download aia file from Google drive. If any ads are comming, then remove or skip the ads. Finally google drive page will be open. Then download it.

    We are provided also AIS file because in case AIA file is not importing then you can import AIS file in Kodular. AIS file downloading links are below.

Click here to download Screen 1 AIS file.

Click here to download Screen 2 AIS file.

        This free aia file for kodular platform. If you want to use other platform then see all coding and do in other platform. Because kodular aia would not imported in other platform. 

   Application development all problem solution, google play console, youtube, website and online earning all topics and videos available in our channel. So subscribe us.

Online tech support youtube channel click here.

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Free app development platform without coding knowledge.

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Thanks for reading Free professional HD wallpaper application AIA file for Kodular

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