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Casagbic New update and Native ads placement

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Casagbic New update and Native ads placement

Casagbic update native ads placement

   Casagbic New update : As you know that Casagbic is a best free application development platform where you can only make android apps easily. If you have not proper coding knowledge, then you can work here with drag and drop system.
   It is a minor update of casagbic platform. In this update there are two new components added in the app maker platform. One is Facebook audience network Native ad component and another is unity banner ad component.

   I made a separate video about this minor casagbic update in our youtube channel. Click here to watch the video. I explained it properly and i taught also how to implement Facebook audience network Native ads in your own app.

How to Use Facebook Native ad component in app ?

   It is a easy procedure to implements facebook audience network Native ads in application using casagbic. Follow me and keep continue reading for more information. 

   First off all drag Native ads component and drop in the project screen in the casagbic maker. Next you have to put native ad placement id.

native ad placement

    Next go to the Facebook audience network account and create a new placement id and choose only "Native placement' as on below image. Then scroll the page and click on create for new placement id. Then copy the ad placement code and go to the casagbic make. Then paste in the native ads component as same as below image. 

Casagbic update

         After put the placement id in the ad component, you have to take a horizontal or vertical arrangement for showing ads in the arrangement. Drag and drop the arrangement in the project screen. Next set a size of the arrangement. Then go to the block part and do coding. When screen initialize put the display native ad component and put the arrangement block as same as below image.

facebook audience network native ad placement

    After setup all, export the application. If you want to show native ads in your own application then you have to publish or update app in Google play console. Facebook ads will be show after your app lived in google play console.

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