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PDF book app AIA file kodular 2020

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PDF book app

PDF Book app AIA file kodular 2020

   PDF Book app AIA file : In this session we are providing a free kodular AIA file for you. I made this project in kodular application development.  As you know that kodular is a best open source platform for professional application development for android and there are so many dynamic components are available for helps to user to make an application easily. But Kodular is a chargeable platform where you have to pay some money or give commissions. 

    It is a kodular project. If you want to make this application with other platform ( like Casagbic ) then you can make with same blog coding. But you have to import an extension for showing PDF files. After finished the app you will able to publish in google play console. I made a video about this topic on our youtube channel. Click here to watch the video. Keep continue reading today i am explaining how to application development for a Dynamic PDF book app in kodular.

Components are using :

        I used " In app PDF viewer " special component for showing PDF in application. It is best extension for showing any pdf using kodular.
1. In app PDF viewer
2. Buttons
3. Admob ads ( Banner, Interstitial )
4. Notifier
5. Download component

How to monetize app ?

    For monetization this kodular AIA file we are used Admob banner and interstitial ads. You can also use admob alternative in this kodular projects. After download this AIA file disable ads test mode and put the admob ad code in both banner and interstitial ad component.

How to modify this project ?

    First of all download the AIA file next import it on Kodular. Then change the application package name, app name, icon, photos, Ads unit ids form the project. You can make this application as online and offline mode. How to make for online and offline app see video form our youtube channel.

     For offline mode you have to  upload pdf files in kodular Assets section and for online mode you have to put PDF file downloading url in the project. The pdf files will be download in user's mobile when screen initialize in online mode and you have not to upload pdf files in kodular assets section.

dynamic pdf book app in kodular

    The blog coding of this projects is very easy to understand. Import the aia file and see the blog part and try to understand the coding.  It is a one type of dynamic pdf book app in kodular when you are building for online mode. After complete build this best pdf book reading app you can publish in play console or other app stores.

best pdf book reading app

     Some developers are questioned to me about kodular and Android studio. How to import kodular aia to android studio? The android studio is not a open source platform where you are not able to import any aia file. You have to make first to last with java or Kotlin coding. Before start a project with android studio you should have proper coding knowledge for make an application.

How to download the AIA file ?

       Click below highlighted " Download " button to download the aia file. When you click on it a link shortner website will be open. Next you have to click " verify ". Then fill the captcha, scroll the page and click on the " Continue " button. Next wait 15 seconds and click on the " Get link". When you click on it then you can download both aia file and ais file from Google drive. 

Click Bellow " DOWNLOAD AIA " button to get AIA file.
                                   DOWNLOAD AIA

Click Bellow " DOWNLOAD AIS " button to get AIA file.

                                   DOWNLOAD AIS

Why AIS file ?

     In case you are unable to import AIA file in the kodular, then first of all create a project in kodular. After open the project click on " Import AIS " for importing the ais file from the file manager.

     Application development all problem solution videos and topics available in our youtube channel and website. So subscribe us for get latest update first. Here also you can get kodular aia file 2020 free and new extensions.

    So i hope you are understood about this PDF book app aia file. Now download it and modify some components and publish it in app stores.

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