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Tiktok app banned in India 2020

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Tiktok app could be banned in India 2020

Tiktok banned in India

         Tiktok banned : As you know that Tiktok was a famous and popular application in India. Right now the same thing is going on in all over India, the Tiktok app should be banned in India because it is not right for every user.

      So in this session i discussed some of important topics about Tiktok, you should be follow if you are using the Tiktok app. So please keep continue reading for more details.

Why Tiktok app is going banned in India ?

       Today I am explaining some major negative points about Tiktok app, why it is went away from the India's people? But before that know about some little things of Tiktok app.

      Let me tell you first. This is not a now things in India. Before this Tiktok was banned once and also removed from the Google play store.  But than what happened again ? Tiktok changed some of its rule and come back to India and re uploaded in the play store. But in the current situation, this case became more serious.

Tiktok rating down in Play store :

      I want to tell you one thing of Tiktok banned, the app rating of the Tiktok was more than 4.5 first but now its rating has comedown to 1.5 in the Google play store.
Tiktok rating down

      It means there are so many peoples of India, uninstalled the Tiktok app and making bad reviews in the play store. As above image.

Major negative Points of  Tiktok app :

      Here is some negative or bad points of Tiktok app. You should be know its.
  1.  There is no "Dislike button" available in the video section.
  2.  The 90% and more of bad contents available in the Tiktok app.
  3.  If we make any video on this application in about China, then this video would be deleted immediately from the app because it is a Chines app.
  4.  So many inappropriate content available which dirty videos should not be in it because from children to old are using all this app.
  5.  There are many videos available in this app which are not right for children and it is not safe for every child.
  6.  The algorithm of the Tiktok app is very bad.
  7.  Next thing is the Privacy of the app.  In this application, privacy of all the people is taken, such as Name, Mobile no., Email ID and other information. And we don't know what China can do with all the information taken from we. It is risk for every people.
  8.  This app destroys children's future. Because even small children want to be famous and want to became a star by making videos in it and leave their studies.
  9.  You hardly know. A child sacrifices his life as that child did not get more follower and likes in their videos.
  10.  The bad comments allowed in this application. It means that everyone can abuse to other in the comment section.
      So this was the few bad points that Tiktok ruins our daily life. After knowing all these points, you will hardly know what to do now should tiktok app be continue or uninstall from the mobile phone.

     If your answer is 'Uninstall', then you can follow us what should you do first before uninstall this Tiktok app.

Uninstall The Tiktok app :

    First of all open your Tiktok app if you want to uninstall it and go to the Me >> next right top corner three dot >> next Manage my account >> Next click on the "Delete Account". See the bellow image for more information.

Uninstall tiktok app

     When you click on the Delete account option. Your Tiktok account will be permanently delete from the tiktok app. Then uninstall the app from your mobile phone.

     I hope you are understood full details about Tiktok app and why it is banned from India.

Tiktok rating up again to 4.4 rate in Play store. Click here to full details.

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