Saturday, June 6, 2020

Text Animation tool use Kodular tutorial 2020

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Label Text Animation circle in Kodular Platform.

Kodual aia free

      Kodular app development : As you know, I keep making tutorial in Kodular application development related. And you will find free kodular AIA from our Youtube channel and website. You can download it.
      As usual today, I have brought again for you an AIA file with the help of you can animate your 'label text' circle type. I will work when you click 'Backword button' and 'Forward button'. 

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     You can make Shayari app, book app, Quiz app and other type of application using this procedure. I have made this application using Kodular app development platform, If you want to make these type of application using other platform then you can use same procedure.

Components used in the Project :

     There are only some components used for this project and the main Animation utility component is for animation text in the designer part.
  • Buttons
  • Labels
  • Arrangement
  • Animation utility
  • Card view
      In the block part i used two global variable for showing texts one by one. And some lines added in Text variable as below image.
Kodular app development

   Whatever block coding I have to do in this project, I have do all setup. You have just put your own text lines in the 'text variable'. Download the AIA file and import in the Kodular creator. Next try to understand the blog coding and implement this procedure to your own project.

   So friends if you have not knowledge about this and want to create your own app then you can contact us. We will make your application with a cheap price. You can get our contact no from our youtube channel on the video description.

How to download the Kodular AIA file ?

   For download the AIA file, you have to click on bellow ' Download ' button. When you click on it, a another page will be open on your screen, then wait 15 seconds and AIA file download automatically.

     Application development all problem solution video available in our youtube channel and website. So subscribe us for get latest notification first. You can also download free AIA file from our website. 

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