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Rakshya Bandhan Wishing script 2020 free

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Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script 2020

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script 2020

     Hello Friends, Today I have brought for you a best WISHING SCRIPT. You can earn a lot of money by editing the Wishing Script and placing the Ads. Before download the wishing viral script you have to follow all steps whatever we are discussed in our youtube video and blog.

     Watch full video how to customize wishing script. Click bellow download button to download this wishing script.

How to Customize Wishing Script?

     First of all you have to edit this wishing script through Notepad++ App in computer or laptop and if you are using mobile then you have to download any html editor app.

    After open it in Html editor app, you have to change your website from the script. You need to update you own website link in which you want to run Raksha bandhan wishing script 2020. Just search the " your blog link " keywork in the notpad++. You have to change website in two places in the script. See bellow image how to change your own website link?
Raksha bandhan wishing script

How to Monetize the Wishing Script?

     After change the website url you have to put the Adsense ads code or other ads code for earning. For set the Ads code just search " Adsense ads code Paste Here " keyword in the editor app. I used 3 Ads code in the script. Tow ads 300*50 size and another is Responsive ad. See bellow picture to more information.
How to Monetize the Wishing Script

     Friends, you can use any ads in the wishing script. If you have not Adsense account you also use alternative ads platform for better earning.

    After all set up just copy the all codes from the html editor app, go to the Blogger and theme section. Next edit the themes. When you click on the 'Edit HTML', Theme editor will be open. Next remove all previous codes and Paste the copied codes.

     Then click on the 'Save' button to save the theme. Next you can check the wishing script how to work.

How to Download the Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script ?

     Click bellow Download and a new page will be opened in your screen then wait 20 seconds. Your Wishing script will be download automatically. 

     I hope after followed all procedure you also earn too much money by running this Raksha bandhan wishing script 2020

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Thanks for reading Rakshya Bandhan Wishing script 2020 free

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