Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kodular New Update 2020 about API Level 29

  Online Tech Support       Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kodular API Level 29 New Update 2020.

Kodular Update
      Finally Kodular brought a new major update for all Online application developer. According to the Google play console, your application must have API level 29 and should be support to Android 10. For more in formation about its related watch full video from our youtube channe. Click here.

     In this case Kodular's application was supported to API Level 28 before 03-08-2020. But now you don't need to worry because After came this Kodulars major update, now you can able to make application with API level 29 for Google play console.

    There are so many developers was commented to me about this Update. When will Kodular update come ? I hope now you would not face any type of problems when you will make application in kodular creator after this kodular new update 2020. You can also publish Kodular's applications in Google play console without any doubt as same as previous procedure.
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What to Do for this Update ?

      You can check API level in Kodular when you are design app. You have not to do any changes for this update. You will work like you were doing before in kodular.
Note :- If you attempt to change Minimum SDK to API Level 29 in the kodular creator, then your application will be support only Android 10 and not eligible for Android 9 or lower version. So don't change "Minimum SDK". Keep Minimum SKD to API Level 29 or android 10.

     As you know friend, Kodular is popular Online application development platform. Kodular brings periodical update when Google play console changes their rule. Although it takes some commission, here you can develop the apps easily without coding.

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