Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Professional GK Quiz app AIA for Kodular free

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Professional Quiz app AIA file for Kodular free

Professional quiz app aia file

     Hello friends, today I have brought for you a best GK quiz app AIA file for Kodular. You will get a lot of features in this application and you can also Publish it in Google Play Console after exporting app.

Features of AIA File :

   There are four major features available in this AIA file. 1) Practice set, 2) Bookmark questions, 3) Score Board and 4) Wrong attempt questions. I implemented Admob ads in this project, If you want to add other Ads platform then you have to add Ads component in the project.

  1. Multiple sets and categories
  2. Four options available
  3. Wrong attempt count and add to Wrong attempt section
  4. Bookmark questions option available
  5. Score board options
  6. Questions Timer options
  7. Admob ads implementation 
  8. Skip questions options available
  9. Online data store option available

How to Monetize App and Earn money :

     You can earn money from app by monetizing using Admob or Facebook Audience Network or StartApp or Other ads. Admob Ads has been placed in this app now. All you have to do add the code of Ads unit.

How to Customize AIA File in Kodular :

     There are three screen added in this project (Screen1, main and Screen2). In first screen you will get 'Practice', 'Bookmark questions', 'Wrong Attempt questions', 'Score board'. In the main screen you will get All practice sets. In the Screen2 you will get quiz questions and score borad. 

      First of all you have to create Airtable database Table name, column name. Next change Airtable data base 'Base Id' and 'Token' from the Airtable spreadsheet components in Screen2. 

Gk quiz app aia file

    Next change the Admob ads unit id of Banner, Interstitial and rewarded video ads from the project. If any doubt watch full video from our youtube channel.

How to Download AIA file :

     Click below download button to download AIA file free. After download it Import it in Kodular and change above requirements. Next export app and upload it in Google play console.

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Thanks for reading Professional GK Quiz app AIA for Kodular free

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