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Firebase database rules for Android App

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 Realtime database rules full setup topic here

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       If you are using Firebase database in your android application, then you have to know about realtime database rules. Otherwise there are so many problems you will face in future. So keep continue reading to know more. For more information visit our youtube channel.

Firebase realtime database rules :

  Database rules mean, Do you want to show or write your all exiting data to user or not ? If you want to show then you have to change the rules. There are two types of rule available in firebase realtime database. One is 'Lock mode' and another is 'Test mode'.

Lock mode :

     When you choose the lock mode, User can not see or write your data in the application. Because read and write both are false in lock mode. Lock mode rule mostly used for saving user's personal data.

Test mode :

       If you are choose test mode when creating database, then user can see and write your database for one month / 30days. After complete 30 days your data automatically hide from user's application.

How to setup Firebase realtime database for application :

   First of all create your firebase project. Next click on the Realtime database from left side menu. When you click on it, you have to choose rule of the realtime database. Next follow below tips :
  1. Select any rule from the both (Lock mode / Test mode) and click enable.
  2. Next go to the rules section in Realtime database category after create database.
  3. Copy below text and paste in the rule section.
Copy below Text for change the firebase realtime database rules.

  "rules": {
    ".read": true,
    ".write": true


firebase database

   After change the rules, click on the publish button for save database rules. Next the data will be show in the user's mobile and upload data also. For more information watch video from Youtube channel.

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