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Love calculator AIA file free 2020

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Love calculator App AIA file free for Kodular

Love calculator App AIA file free for Kodular

     So friends, today i have brought for you another AIA file. It is a Love calculator App AIA file. I made this project using Kodular platform. You can publish it in Google play console after finished and also earn money.

    You have to major change in this AIA file after download it. Keep continue reading to how to set up all things. For more information please visit our youtube channel.

App features in this project :

  1. If any user type same name in both textbox, Then result will be show 100%
  2. If user missed either boy name or girl name, then error message will be show.
  3. If user once put name and calculate their love, then both names are saved in application using tiny DB.
  4. You can use ads for monetization app.
  5. You can easily publish it in Google play console.

How to Customize AIA file :

     First of all you have to change Application anme, Icon, Photos, Animations, Color, Ads id and keystore after import it in Kodular. And you have to join block in Screen1 block part- When button1 click= Open another screen. See below image.

Love calculoter

How to monetize this app :

     Basically I used admob ads in this project. So you have to put ads unit id in the ads component. If you want to monetize this app with other ads network, then you have to delete admob ads component and add other ads network components. After monetize this app you can earn money.

How to download the AIA file :

    For download the AIA file, click below download button. After download it, import it in kodular and do major changes. Then export app and publish it in google play store.

  In case Download button is not working click here to download AIA file free.

Is this project need to ads approval in Kodular :

     If you want to show ads without upload app in Google play console, then you have to request to kodular for showing ads. If you are going to publish app in google play console you have not need to request to kodular.

How to request for ads approval in kodular :

     First of all open your kodular account and select a project. Then click on 'Request Approval'. For more information watch video from Youtube channel and copy our demo text from our website.

Click here to watch video from Youtube.

Click here to visit website.

    I hope you would be like to our tutorial about its related. Keep subscribe to our channel and website for get latest notification first. Thank you for visit our website.


Thanks for reading Love calculator AIA file free 2020

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