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How to monetize app in kodular 2021

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 How to Monetize Application Using Admob Ads

Admob Setup

     Friends in this topic today, I will tell you how you can monetize your application using Admob Ads. It will show you inside the all the procedures. You can easily monetize your application and make money online.

     First of all open the kodular creator page and create a project. After open the mobile screen in the creator page of kodular, drag the admob ads components like Admob banner, Interstitial and rewarded video ads and drop on the mobile screen. Next you have to put the ads unit id in the ads component. 

How to create Ads unit id ?

    Open your Admob account, next add an app. Next put the App name and create the ads id, Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Rewarded video ads. For more information watch video from our youtube channel How to create Admob ads unit id.

   Next go to the Kodular creator page and put the ads code. Next go to the Blog coding part and load all ads in screen initialize. Next select the button, in which you want to showing interstitial ad or rewarded video ad. Banner ad will be automatically show when you load first time in screen initialize.

    If you don't have knowledge about its related then download the AIA file of Admob Project. We implemented all block for ads showing, You just have to change the ads code in the ads component.

  Click the below download button to download the aia file. After download it Import it in kodular and try to understand the block coding, how to showing admob ads.

Note : In case download button is not working due to technical issue CLICK HERE to Download the the AIA File.

     If you are interested for making android application without coding, then visit our youtube channel for more information. You can also find free aia file, extensions from our website or youtube channel. 

Click here to visit our Youtube channel.

Download the Pdf Book aia file free, Kodular project.

Download the Love Calculator aia file free, Kodular project.

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