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How to set custom robot.txt text in blogger 2021

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How to setup Custom robot.txt in blogger

custom robot txt

       If you want to add Custom robot.txt text in your blogger site, then it is a easy process but just you have to understand the procedure. I will help you how to add a custom robot.txt in blogger. So keep continue watching for information. We have made also a video about custom robot.txt in our youtube channel.

Click here to watch how to setup it. We explained step by step in the video.

Procedure :

     First of all open the Blogger, next open the setting page. Then scroll down the page and search the Crawlers and indexing option. 

     You can find custom robot.txt option in the Crawlers and indexing section. Next enable the "Enable custom robots.txt" option by switch the button. After enable it 'custom robot.txt text' option will be highlight. Next you have to put a script code with your blog url in the custom robot.txt text section.

custom robot.txt

    You can copy below codes and paste it in your Notepad, then remove the "*YOUR SITE URL*" text and replace your blog url in the place. After done it, copy all codes and put in the custom robot.txt text option. For more information watch video from our youtube channel.

User-agent: Media partners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /

Sitemap: *YOUR SITE URL*atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

    After all setup complete save the setting. Next your custom robot.txt option will be active. I hope after read all you will be able to setup in your own blogger account.

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