Friday, February 26, 2021

How to data sort in Kodular ?

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Firebase data, Airtable data or any data sort using kodular

     Hi dear, this is Santosh and welcome back to Online Tech Support. In this topic, we are discussed How  you can sort any type data in your android application using kodular. For data sorting you have to use an extension.

      First of all you have to import the Data sort extension in the kodular creator. Next drag the data sort extension and drop on the creator screen. Then you can use listview for data showing in a sequence and you can also use button for adding data to listview. Next go to the block coding part.

    On the block coding part, you can get many block from the data sort extension. Such as reverse sort, simple sort, bubble sort and etc. Next create a global variable and put some data in the variable. Next you have to implement block, when button click data add to the listview's elements. And you can also use data sort block with the listview elements.

    For more information please watch video from our youtube channel. CLICK HERE TO WATCH. We properly explained in the video how you can data sort in kodular.

   You can sort any data in a sequence like Firebase database's data, Airtable database's data or other variable data. Alphabetically, Numerically, Number sort, Normal Sort, Simple sort, Reverse sort and other sort block available.

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