Monday, March 8, 2021

How to update store listing in Google play console

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How to Update app icon, banner, screenshots in play console ?
App icon update 2021

      Hello guys, this Santosh and welcome back to Online Tech Support. So guys today I will discussed how to update store listing in Google play console's existing app. If you are working with Play console, then keep continue read. For more information you can visit our youtube channel. Video already available about this topic. Click here to watch.

    First of all you have to keep ready necessary documents for Google play console in proper resolution. Mentioned below :

1. App Name

2. App short description  (Maximum character 80)

3. Long Description  (Maximum character 5000)

4. App Icon (512*512pxl)

5. App Banner (1024*500pxl)

6. App screenshots (Up to 8)

7. Tablet screenshots (Optional)

8. TV Banner (Option)

9. Promotional video link (Option)

How to update store listing ?

      Open the dashboard of which app do you want to setup. Next go to the 'Store presence' > 'Main store listing'. Next put the app name, short description, full description. Next upload app icon by click on the 'replace'. Similarly replace the app banner, screenshots. Next you can upload tablet size screenshots(Optional), TV banner(Optional), Promotional video link(Optional).

    After complete setup, click on the 'Save' button on below right corner. Next your update will be submit for review and after some time your update will be live on Google play console. So guys I hope you understand properly how to update store listing for you application in google play console.

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