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Cash counter application review

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Best Application for counting cash

      Hi friends, today I am going to tell you about an application in this topic. It is a very useful application for count cash. There are so many features available in this cash counter app.

Download the Cash counter app from Google play store and start counting now...

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   Personally I use this application and I am getting a lot of help from this application for counting money. When I have too many notes, then at that time I put the number of notes in front of the given notes. And how much money do I count from the cash counter application.

     Note from ₹ 1 to ₹ 2000 is available in this application. You can count many cash easily in 1 minute. All the money that you have to count, you have to write the number of the note in front of the 'Note' and it will tell, how much of your note has been in total and how many rupees are there. It is very easy to count and calculate the money in this cash counter application

Cash counter Application downloading link :

     If you are working in any field, such financial, business, casher and give money or received, this Cash counter application can help a lot in all these work. After counting, you can also take a photo by clicking 'Share button' from your mobile and share it with friends. If you want, you can save and keep your previous cash count record. To save the counted cash record, you have to click on the 'save button' and it will save it in its database. 

     To see the saved counted cash in the future, you have to click on the 'history' in the left-side bar. Download the app from google play store and enjoy the features of app. If you like this application, don't forget to give five star (5 star) rate.

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