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Direct download file from Google drive

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 How to download file from google drive ?

    Basically we are uploading file in Google drive for store data online. There are 15GB data available per gmail id. You can store data online up to 15GB. If your data cross 15GB data limit you have to extra pay as monthly.

    If we have to share any data from Google Drive, then we generate the link by right-clicking on the uploaded data and clicking on the 'get link'. Then if a person clicks on the generated link, the file first appears and the option to download is showing.

     If you want no one to see your data in google drive and just download when click any one on the generated link then you can do it easily. You just have to make a little change in the generated url, rest it will start working automatically. So do you have to change it inside the url in which your file will be automatically downloaded from google drive which someone will click on above link.

    On this topic, we have already publish a tutorial video on our YouTube channel, if you want, you can watch that tutorial, in that I have explained easily how you can create a direct download link of your file which is uploaded in google drive.


 Paste the below url before file id :

      Your file's ID will be found inside your file sharing link generated in Google Drive. Your file ID will have to be extracted from that URL and the URL I will give now, after that the file ID will have to be entered, the remaining URL will be made, if you share that URL with someone, then if someone clicks on that url, then your file will be downloaded automatically. your file id here

      We have followed this trick on our website so that if any file is to be downloaded, then if the user clicks on the download button, then the direct file is downloaded. If you want, you can now visit our website and see how we have used the direct link from it. This trick is very good and is going to work for you.

     Copy the URL given above and put the file ID of your Google Drive file by deleting the text where 'Your File Id' is written. Next you can share the generated URL to anyone who clicks on this url, then the file you will uploaded, will be downloaded automatically.


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